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Lorton, Virginia

PEAT designed, built and proved-out a 350 kg/hr (750 lb/hour) demonstration plasma gasification system for the U.S. Army under the Congressionally funded PEPS (Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System) Project in Lorton, Virginia. As part of the contracting team, PEAT successfully demonstrated the 6-to-8-ton-per-day capacity of the plasma gasification system. The PTDR performed in full compliance with State and U.S. EPA permit, achieving a destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) of 99.99999%.

Following the initial acceptance tests, two extended demonstrations were conducted under the program to assess technology maturity and facilitate its full-scale implementation to destroy problem Defense Department waste streams. The waste steams selected for the two commercial demonstrations were Agricultural Blast Media and Regulated Medical Waste, respectively. The PTDR plasma gasification system operated for a minimum of 200 hours on a 24-hour basis during each of two demonstrations. Subsequently, the facility continued to be successfully operated.

The plasma gasification facility, which occupied 440 square meters (4,750 square feet), was dismantled in 2001 having completed its mission for the US Army. The plasma gasification facility was relocated to a site owned by the Georgia Tech Research Institute (a partner of PEAT), where it is planned to used to further its continuing plasma research & development missions.