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Plasma tech soon to help waste disposal

May 28, 2008

By Harish Joshi

Bharuch: Ankleshwar is all set to become a role model in the country in days to come. US-based Plasma Energy Applied Technology Inc (PEAT) has kicked off a pilot project to set up a plasma-based technology for disposing of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste material released from various chemicals industries in Ankleshwar. The pilot plant has been functional since the past three months now. Jyoti Om Research Center's, director, C.B. Upasani who is also the official coordinating agency for United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) said "We have been asked by UNIDO to under a program of clean technology transfer from developed countries to developing countries" He added "As Ankleshwar is facing serious problem of environment protection we studied various technology applied world over and finally selected the plasma technology for waste management PEAT signed memorandum of understanding with Ankleshwar Industries Association (AIA), to promote the new technology." Jose Capote, chief technical officer of PEAT told TOI "The new invention will be beneficial to the society as it does not generate any of the toxic gases. The plasma-based technology decomposes chemical molecules from the root, without use of Oxygen, it generates Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen together which is known as synthetic gas or ionized gas at high temperature capable of conducting electricity and steam which is useful for industries. Our aim is to convert waste streams into commercial commodity products which creates renewable source of energy and value-added products." "We have plans to set up plasma project on a large-scale with an investment of Rs. 40 Crore. The proposed project will have disposal capacity of 30MT per day and it would generate 1.5 MW electricity and steam. As there will be no carbon emission hence a project would also get substantial carbon credits, said Upasani. After successful demonstration of pilot plant, which has been seen by industrialists and state government officials, project report for 30MT per day plant shall be prepared and submitted to state government and AIA for consideration." said Upsani.