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Strategic partners


ENPRO Enviro Tech and Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
ENPRO Project and Engineering Services (ENPRO) is a consulting firm that delivers a complete range of Environmental Services from assessment, monitoring, design, implementation and operation and maintenance. ENPRO's primary focus is in the design and implementation of pollution control facilities such as common effluent treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, air pollution control systems and hazardous waste management Systems. ENPRO works with PEAT regarding plant design, layout and equipment selection.

Purdue University
Purdue is a public, doctoral-granting research university, and Indiana's land-, sea-, and space-grant university. Founded in 1869 and named after benefactor John Purdue, Purdue University began its journey with six instructors, 39 students and a mission to provide agriculture and mechanic arts education. PEAT continues to enhance and improve its technology base in order to improve the accuracy and efficiency of operations. Among the applied R&D activities that are currently ongoing is the development of an integrated 3D modeling simulation of the PTDR reactor. This program is being undertaken in association with Purdue University.

Ion Arc Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ion Arc is a leading supplier of small and medium capacity plasma heating systems. Over the last 10 years, Ion Arc has provided plasma heating systems for a number of high technology applications, including the manufacturing of nano-materials and surface coatings, recovery of specialty metals (such as Titanium dioxide) from ore, and for waste treatment and waste recycling applications. Ion Arc's team is a group of qualified and experienced plasma engineers. Ion Arc is a plasma heating system manufacturer partner of PEAT.