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With The use of Plasma Technology, Energy can be produced from Poisonous Polluting (Hazardous) Solid Waste

May 26, 2008

USA based Peat International India has established one ton Capacity Pilot Plant in Ankleshwar

By Vijah Shah

A high optimism project is being planned at Ankleshwar to use plasma technology, to solve the problem with disposal of hazardous chemical waste. New plasma technology which is now becoming popular very fast, by using this method burning hazardous waste by the way of electro thermal destruction, carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas is produced and then electricity and steam can be produced.

At Ankleshwar USA based Peat International Company has set up a pilot plant to demonstrate Plasma Technology. This plant has capacity of one metric ton per day hazardous waste disposal. The good thing about this plant is there is no other pollution caused by this technology, but instead electricity and steam can be produced.

Dr. C. B. Upasani who is director of Jyoti on Research Center and is also involved with International Institute UNIDO. On behalf of UNIDO he helps developed and developing country with the transfer of technology program. Dr. Upasani said that Plasma Technology is very safe for any kind of industrial hazardous chemical waste disposal. With the use of Plasma technology any kind of polluting gases are not released in the air, but instead by combining carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas it produces a gas that is called synthetic gas, from synthetic gas electricity and steam can be produced, that is why this technology is better than any other incineration technology and it is more economic (less expensive) and safe.

Peat international is well reputed in the world in the field of Plasma Technology. Mr. Jose Capote who is Chief Technical Officer of Peat International has said that this technology is accepted in developed countries, and now in developing countries like India, we are trying to make the environment safer by using this technology.

In Dr. Upasani’s opinion at Ankleshwar 30 metric ton hazardous waste disposal per day plasma plant at the expenses of 40 Cror Rs. is being discussed. MOU has been signed for this technology between Ankleshwar Industries Association and peat International. The plant with the 30 metric ton per day capacity will produce 1.5 mega waltz electricity, and on top of that will receive 30,000 metric ton carbon credit because with Plasma technology carbon gas is not released outside so it will be a benefit. Through this technology not only chemical hazardous waste disposal is possible, but can also process medical bio-waste, municipal waste, electrical and electronics waste disposal and can get metals back from this waste.

If this Plasma Plant is established in Ankleshwar it will be India’s first such plant.