Environmental Benefits of TVRC Technology – Part 2

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Solid Waste Management and Greenhouse Gases: A Lifecycle Assessment of Emissions and Sinks”, disposing of 650,000 tons per year in a landfill without gas collection, could reduce its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by about 260,000 Metric Tons Carbon Equivalent (MTCE) per year by managing waste in a mass burn combustor unit. For this preliminary discussion, this equates to 0.40 MTCE/ton avoided from landfilling.

However, the EPA’s document uses a combustion system efficiency of 550 kWh per ton of mixed MSW. The high temperature boiler/reactor system in the TVRC system, which combines a high temperature boiler/reactor with a plasma-arc, plasma gasification sytem, has an efficiency of approximately 690 kWh per ton – 25% greater efficiency; thus the high temperature boiler/reactor has the potential to generate approximately 0.50 MTCE/ton avoided from landfilling or in total up to 82,500 MTCE, when assuming 500 TPD.

Additionally, the EPA estimates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions range from 10 to 20 million metric tons, depending on the different methods used to estimate the biogenic fraction of MSW. EPA’s eGrid (a database of information on electrical generators in the United States) indicates about 53% of the energy generated by MSW combustion facilities is from biogenic sources and 47% is fossil-fuel derived power. If we take that 53% and presume the same percent of GHG emissions are from biogenic sources, then MSW combustion facilities generate less GHGs than fossil-fuels.

Fuel CO2 (lbs per MWh)
MSW 1016
Coal 2249
Oil 1672
Natural Gas 1135

EPA estimates the GHG savings from WTE to be about 1 on of GHGs saved per ton of MSW combusted.

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    [...] in nature to maintain the steady flow and composition of the syngas generated. Additionally, the TVRC generates electricity at a much lower [...]

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