Recent Emissions Testing From Plasma Arc Plasma Gasification System

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Previously, this forum has demonstrated how plasma arc plasma gasification nearly eliminates dioxin formation, semi-volatile heavy metal compounds and other air emissions when processing various forms of industrial waste or hazardous waste.

Below is a summary of a June 2013 third party emissions testing conducted on the PTDR-100 plasma-arc, plasma gasification system located in Shanghai. The summary also compares the results to current European air emission regulations.

ND =”Not Detectable” with Limit in parentheses

It is worth noting that the above emissions for the PTDR plasma arc, plasma gasification system were measured when the syngas was thermally oxidized. It is worth noting that if the syngas is utilized in a gas engine or other syngas utilization equipment, then the only gas emissions associated with a PTDR plasma arc, plasma gasification system would be the exhaust from the engine or boiler, etc.

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