TVRC Example

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In the proprietary TVRC technology MSW processing occurs in a high temperature (over 850°C) reactor/boiler via a reciprocating grate system. This reactor/boiler consists of high alloy steel casing grates (thus air cooling is sufficient) and is lined with high-grade refractory/insulation materials.  Each (two modular units assumed in this example) high temperature reactor/boiler is capable of producing approximately 84 tons/hour of steam (450°C) at 3.82 MPa with a gross calorific value of the MSW assumed at 2,400 kcal/kg.

This indicates that the 500 TPD assumed in this example would be converted into over 13 MW of electricity. The plasma-arc plasma gasification PTDR system would also produce approximately 5,000 metric tons per year of vitrified matrix through the processing of fly ash. Any bottom ash generated (estimated at 20% of quantity processed in the high temperature reactor/boiler) would be collected and provided and/or sold as cement aggregate.

A basic, illustrative mass/energy balance can be seen below . The below assumes that the excess plasma-arc plasma gasification PTDR system capacity is utilized to treat medical waste.

TVRC Technology

MSW Solution

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PEAT’s solution for municipal solid waste is the Thermal Volume Reduction & Conversion™ (“TVRC”) technology – an innovative system that combines a thermal volume reduction system with its core PTDR plasma-arc plasma gasification system.

Each TVRC system (modular) can process up to 250 tons per day of municipal solid waste (MSW) with no secondary pollution or unusable by-products generated: all feedstock represents a 100% waste diversion, eliminating the need for landfill disposal and/or further processing. It eliminates any future liabilities to the generators resulting from the use of outside collection, treatment and disposal services/facilities that are potentially unscrupulous. Further, a TVRC system generates high volume (over 8 to 1) and weight (over 4 to 1) reductions.

In a TVRC, MSW is first thermally processed in a high temperature reactor/boiler to generate steam. This steam is then processed in a full condensing steam-turbine generator for electricity production.

Any gas generated is processed through a flue gas cleaning system that removes any potentially harmful gases to surpass European emission standards.

Any fly ash generated in the high temperature reactor/boiler is processed is the PTDR plasma-arc plasma gasification & vitrification system. The PTDR converts the ash into an inert, non-leachable vitrified matrix that can be used in a variety of commercial applications including concrete aggregate, insulation, roadbed/fill construction and even in decorative and non-decorative tiles. Independent laboratory tests (i.e. “TCLP”) have proven that the vitrified matrix does not leach, is totally benign and safe for any re-utilization.

Any residual by-products generated in the gas cleaning systems (i.e. baghouse catches, scrubber residue, etc.) is collected and also processed in the PTDR system, thereby creating zero residual waste from the TVRC.

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