Update on PTDR-500 Ongoing Waste To Energy Project in Gujarat, India

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Through PEAT’s India subsidiary, a Special Purpose Vehicle is being been formed to support a PTDR-500 plasma gasification waste to energy project with the Nandesari Environmental Control Ltd to process a range of industrial waste and hazardous waste. A project site, within the Nandesari Industrial Estate, has been set aside for the plasma gasification waste to energy project.

Further, the Environmental Clearance (EC) for the plasma gasification waste to energy project was granted in November 2010 and now the focus is on the process of securing the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Government of Gujarat.

The plasma gasification waste to energy project includes the utilization of a portion of the syngas produced to dewater an additional 15 metric tons of aqueous organic wastes (brining gate capacity to approximately 22 metric tons per day).

PTDR-100 Refinery Waste Treatment Plant in China

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PEAT recently finalized the installation of a PTDR-100 Refinery Waste Treatment plasma gasification system for a client in China. This plasma-arc, plasma gasification system, is being sought to treat refinery sludge and petrochemical waste.

Here are some pictures of the plasma-arc system:

PTDR-100 Waste Treatment Plant in China

Plasma-Arc PTDR-100 Plasma Gasification Reactor

PTDR-100 Waste Treatment Plant in China

Side view of both skids on the PTDR-100 Plasma Gasification System

The refinery waste product contains primarily water, and smaller amounts of non-aqueous liquids and solids, both organic and inorganic, are by-products of the refining and petrochemical industries. For example, a typical industrial waste stream from an oil refinery operation will contain about 80 percent-by-weight water, about 15 percent-by-weight oil, e.g., hydrocarbons and other non-aqueous liquids, and about 5 percent-by-weight solids. Due to environmental regulations, this industrial waste stream poses significant disposal problems for the oil refineries.

The PTDR plasma-arc waste-to-energy system will convert via plasma gasification approximately 50 kilograms/hr (110 lbs) of this refinery waste into syngas estimated to be almost 600,000 BTU/hr (150,000 kCal/hr).

PEAT International designs advanced plasma-arc, plasma gasification systems. PEAT’s industrial waste treatment plants converts refinery waste into energy and other useful end products.

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