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PEAT International is a waste-to-energy company specializing in the deployment of its proprietary Plasma Thermal Destruction Recovery ("PTDR") technology for the treatment and recycling of a wide range of waste feedstocks, including: industrial, hazardous and medical waste. PEAT's solution for municipal solid waste is the Thermal Volume Reduction & Conversion ("TVRC") technology - an innovative system that combines a thermal volume reduction system with its core PTDR system. This combination maximizes electricity generation and minimizes residual by-product treatment. The core PTDR technology utilizes a plasma-arc to convert almost any kind of waste into a non-toxic alternative to natural gas as well as other useful end-products, such as a non-leachable vitrified matrix. No secondary pollution or by-products are generated. The two technologies are proven, cost-effective and commercially viable solutions for waste treatment, recycling and alternative resource production.

The PEAT mission is to provide a robust, efficient and environmentally sound methodology for the treatment of toxic waste, hazardous or municipal waste and its conversion into commercial commodity products creating a renewable source of energy and value added products. » read more

Waste to Energy System

Waste to Energy System

Waste to Energy System

Waste to Energy System

The PTDR-100, a 60 kilogram per hour (130 pounds per hour) waste-to-energy system, is an ideal, turn-key solution for small to medium-sized waste generators looking » read more

The PTDR-200 system provides a permanent, fully self-contained platform for facilities seeking an efficient, environmental and economical terminal medical waste » read more

The PTDR-500, a 350 kilogram an hour (700 pounds per hour) waste-to-energy system, is an ideal, turn-key solution for medium-sized generators looking

» read more

The PTDR-1000, a 1,500 kilogram an hour (3,300 pounds per hour) waste-to-energy system supports centralized industrial waste processing and waste-to-resources applications » read more

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